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4 Days and counting!!

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Ok i am very excited and a little bit apprehensive. On Saturday i will be picking up the new addition to my pack,,, Pearl.

I have tried to attached a picture but am not sure if it has worked so let me know if you can see it.

Anyway I think i am all prepared, I have her Crate, playpen, food, eating bowls, toys, hot snuggle pouch, booked her 2nd set of injections, shampoo, chew sticks, new bed, etc etc etc. If anyone can think of any essentials i may have forgotten please shout out now!! :eek:)

I wonder if anyone (JoJo) could let me know what you think about her colouring from then picture posted?? I think her legs are looking a little brown and she obviously has a white chest but when I saw he last week the rest of her was very black. Do you think she will change much?? What colour would you describe her as??

Also any tips on introducing her to Eric my 1 year old pup would be great.

Gee excitement and anxiety all in one!!! EEEEKKKK


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Hi Sara
I can practically feel your excitement radiating from my computer lol!
The photo worked and isn’t Pearl lovely – her colouring is very unusual. Not dissimilar from Picnic. Is she working or show cross?
Let us know how you get on this weekend!
Turi x
hey Turi,

I feel like i have forgotten everything about puppies but i am sure it will all come back once we get her home!!

Pearl is a Show cross and has the same Dad as Eric but a different Mum.

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Pearl is beeeeeautiful :D Does she want to be Vincents friend? :D
Hey Ruth,

Yeeeeesssssssss I think Pearl and Vincent would make a very attractive pair of friends. Problem is she will be a little too young to play at our meet on Sunday!! Boo.

Pearl is beautiful and I wish you lots of luck for Saturday (I hope you get some sleep on Friday night!) - can't wait to hear how you get on. :D xx
Hi Sara .. I can feel that EEEKKK coming through my screen ... don't be worried you are prepared and a great dog owner already .. it will all be fine .. exciting ... but fine xxx

Now the colouring .. yes her legs do look like Picnic's ... what is the back of her coat like? you said the rest of the litter were black, what colour were her parents? sorry so many questions .. when you get her home have a look at her legs and see if each hair if fully black in colour or if each hair is tan/blonde with black tips .. she is a gorgeous pup. Another lovely colouring ...

Her coat will develop and possibly get lighter on the leg area .. this is what I love about this breed .. its all so unpredictable :)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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