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Dear I Love My Cockapoo Members,

My name is Amy. I have a husband named Mike. Two daughters named Heather and Laurel. And a roommate(Who I roomed with during college) named Lisa. Lisa lives with us because we promised each other we'd live together for the rest of our lives, married or not.

I am a certified Vet and so is Mike.

Our daughters have been begging for puppies ever since they could talk. But we firmly said no. 2 reasons A) My husband was still in Vet College B) I was still in Vet College.
But now Mike and I are out of college and ready for puppies.

We have been thinking of getting Cockapoos because 1) We've heard they don't shed 2) They range from 10-20pds, which is perfect for our family.

So we'll be checking this site out and HOPEFULLY, finding a couple puppies for our family :)

Signed, Amy

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hey welcome. dont go on the no shedding as thats isnt the same for all cockapoos some on here find their cockapoos shed others dont.

hope you find your perfect pooch.

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They can and do shed. 'Lo doesn't, but some do. Even as much as a normal cocker. Being a cockapoo means it MIGHT not shed. If you get a cockapoo that's a few generation in, all of the past cockapoo parents being non shedders, then you might be safe.

most are inside the 20 -30 range, 10 pounds is considered small and is harder to get, not the norm around here at least.

Don't get puppies, get a pup. Two or three are MUCH harder to raise.

These are links for getting more then one pup.
http://leerburg.com/2dogs.htm http://www.caninedevelopment.com/Sibling.htm http://www.doglistener.co.uk/choosing/siblings.shtml

Just wondering, why did you introduce yourself again?

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