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Everyone is good about organising meets on this forum and we seem to hold them quite regularly (although I haven't got to one yet! :eek:).

Shirley and I were wondering if you would like us to post details of the Cockapoo meets on the club website so that other Cockapoo owners who may not use the forum could come along?

We didn't want to do this without asking as we were unsure about whether you just wanted them to be ilmc meets or also use them as a chance to meet other owners aswell who may be in the area?

We will happily post the details of each meet if you all think it is a good idea.

Please let me know what you think. :D

Thank you.

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Anyone who promotes meets and walks along with the fact that everyone is welcome to attend (Cockapoo owner or not) is doing a good thing.

It a great way to introduce new people to this delightful crossbreed x

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