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A tear in my eye

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My Husband is a very easy going sort of chap, goes with the flow, lets me have my own way mostly, so when I announced we were having a puppy he just sighed a bit but didn't try to talk me out of it. He didn't show much interest before we got Izzy but did join in the naming election, and admitted she was very cute when he saw her picture. Since she came home, he's paid her some attention, but not been very involved with her care. This week, he's been at home, and so spent more time around her. Last night, he was making a fuss of Izzy and I heard him tell her he loves her :love-eyes: :hug:
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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......now that's a result :hug::hug::hug::hug::hug:
Awwwwww!!! My parents make me laugh as they were a bit anti me getting a dog but now just adore Betty and are always telling her what a good girl she is and how much they love her!!! these cockapoos melt even the hardest of hearts don't they.
:laugh: "hardest of hearts" :laugh:
yes they sure can win people over....my mom was an anti all animal person, now she calls lady over for kisses! lol
Oh that is so sweet!!
Aw brought a tear to my eye too, there's hope for my hubby then!!!:D
Ahhhhhh Tear in my eye too....

My hubby never wanted a dog, 5 years I begged for a dog for me and the kids, 3 years of that was for a cockapoo..... no no no no no was all we heard... but now... he has been cockapoo'ed and yes Oakley is his boy .... my hubby loves the walking, the frisbee throwing, even .. and I can't believe I am typing this he has picked up a few poos too.... he loves them and that makes me love him that little bit more :) we are a team afterall... a happy cockapoo cuddling team, thats us ...
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That's so nice to hear Ali. :)

I am so lucky my hubby wanted my dogs just as much as me and does everything with them just as I do. He takes them out on their evening walk, brushes them and we take it turns to bath them etc....

He has even not come to bed on the odd Friday night as he wanted to sleep on the sofa rather than wake up Milly who was sleeping on top of him!!

He is the bestest hubby ever :love-eyes::love-eyes: and we are just a very happy oodle family and everyone who knows us , knows we are just oodle crazy :):) Still I wouldn't want it any other way- Our dogs are our babies....
Ever since I was a little girl, my dad had always said NO to me getting a dog. Even talking about getting a dog would make him cranky... So when I brought home Bobby secretly, I was expecting him to go CRAZY... Dad ignored him for a bit, but now he's always telling me 'It's cold outside, you should bring him in' or asking 'Can he eat this?'... Sometimes I catch him giving Bobby a good pat and praise. The only thing is, he calls him 'Doggy' or 'The Dog' (I think to sound a bit detached - can't fool me, Dad!) Cockapoo's are the best dogs - and Bobby has changed our life forever! : )
My hubby was the same, very, very anti getting a puppy.

He finally conceded on the grounds of 'if it makes you happy...... but I'm not walking her or getting involved". I sat serious faced, making all the right noises, but inside my little me was skipping :jumping: and clapping thinking:star:, you're so going to want to walk her 'cos she'll be adorable. :) :kiss: :)

And the real outcome? He adores her, always telling her she's a lovely doggie :kiss::hug:
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Well Ali this is so much like my husband,it was me that went on and on,until he finally gave in and said'ok you have your cockapoo or whatever its called:),but you can do everything,cleaning up messes,feeding and loving etc!' i thought ok then but i know you will grow to love her.Those first few hellish nights i got quite a few ' I told you so's' and now he adores her,' my lovely girlie,come to your daddy' i hear quite frequently now....:love-eyes: I have yet to hear 'i love you' but im sure its coming x
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Awwww! This really made me say 'aw'!! My hubby was kind of indifferent too, and now he tells me how much he loves her and how he can't believe he loves a dog so much!! I think it's the cockapoo nature. They're just wonderful dogs!! :)
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