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Advice needed first night at home

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Hi we collected Stevie today, she only slept for about half an hour on the way home ( a 3 hour journey).:)
Since then she has had the occasional nap, but every time I put her in her crate and leave the room she cries. I was hoping to leave her in the crate tonight after taking her out for a final toilet break at about 11.
Any advice welcome, my thinking is just leave her to settle she does have cuddly toys, a piece of the litters blanket and a hot water bottle.:confused: I do also have 3 children and my OH to think about.
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First two nights have been brilliant cried a little at first then settled down whimpers at 3am and again at 6am both times straight to the garden for a wee. Walk round the garden for 30 mins after feeding time but then comes in the house and squats not interested at all in the pee pads
Any advice please:(
Hi Sue

Lots of us have experienced the same thing... I can remember posting exactly the same thing. The suggestion is to take them out every hour but I did it almost
every half hour!! Betty is now six months old and I still make her go out more
than she probably needs:). Looking back ithere really wasn't that many accidents and didn't last very long..
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