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Advice needed first night at home

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Hi we collected Stevie today, she only slept for about half an hour on the way home ( a 3 hour journey).:)
Since then she has had the occasional nap, but every time I put her in her crate and leave the room she cries. I was hoping to leave her in the crate tonight after taking her out for a final toilet break at about 11.
Any advice welcome, my thinking is just leave her to settle she does have cuddly toys, a piece of the litters blanket and a hot water bottle.:confused: I do also have 3 children and my OH to think about.
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Hi - its so exciting the first few days, enjoy!
Put Stevie in the crate and just ignore any whining - its hard but really does work. On Billy's first and second night he cried for about 20 mins and then had us up at 5.30am, from the third night he was sleeping from 11pm till 7am and so the tough approach does work. We did have a puppy pad in for a few weeks just in case.
Good luck for tonight, Helen x
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Although the early days sometimes seems that they are never going to get it, you just realize one day that everything has clicked into place, Billy is 17 weeks and only has accidents rarely and usually near the door that we haven't opened for him! Good luck.x
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