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Harley is insured for four weeks courtesy of the breeder from day of pick up, This was with Petplan and it's due to run out and I want to get it sorted.
I want a policy that will cover Harley for life this means god forbid he got a long term problem like skin problems or asthma etc they wont get to the end of the year when renewel is due and say he is covered but not for those. I know this is going to be more expensive but I would rather be safe than sorry. My friend who is practice manager at my vets has said to also make sure there is a minimum of cover per health problem of at leat £4000.
Petplan has quoted £46 per month which seems excessive and I wondered if anyone would mind telling me who they are with and monthly cost. I also know that increasing the excess will lower the cost.:confused:
I have been looking at Tescos is anyone using them and roughly what are they quoting (i would also get clubcard points) i did a search on confused.com and only got 12 quotes (some the same company just different levels) so only 4 were "for life"
I also wonder if its higher because its a cockapoo (popular at the moment I hate the D....... Dog title and after all it is really just a cross breed) its a minfield.......help! :confused: very :confused:
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