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Hi all,
I've just joined and would love any advice you can offer please - We've been looking for a cockapoo for literally over a year now and keep having setbacks. We got a text this morning advising us the litter we'd placed a deposit on had been born, was smaller than expected and there was therefore no pup for us. We've had a refund with no problems but we're still left no nearer to having a pup. We've applied to lots of re-home ads too but no joy from that either. Our budget is around £1500-£1800.
So I'm wondering if anyone knows of anyone planning a litter at a reasonable price or whether you would recommend the breeder you got your own dog from? We're in Staffordshire but are willing to travel.
We've tried to do everything right to avoid scams and unscrupulous breeders but after a year of searching, today's latest blow has left us, especially our 6 yr old, feeling pretty sad. Any leads would be much appreciated, thanks for reading :)
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