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Hi there!
Me and my partner have wanted a cockapoo for ages and have fallen in love with one we went to visit who is ready in a couple of weeks.
However after seeing the PRA and FN DNA paperwork, the name of the dog in reference to the DNA test is not the same name of the mother of the puppies we were introduced too? (Although the colour/breed and DOB of dog do match up with the mother we saw)
However the contact details of the owner and address are also different - so wondering if this could possibly have been completed before the breeders brought the dog?

Also at the bottom it has a "Sire" with a male dog's name and breed of cocker spaniel - Is this likely to be the puppies mothers dad? Unsure if this is usually put on the paperwork when DNA tests are completed.
Sorry for seemingly clueless, just our first time getting out head around paperwork and want to make sure we make the right decisions!

Thankyou in advance for any help!!
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