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Afraid of dogs

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Like i've said in another post Olive is really afraid of strangers and other dogs. I've been bringing her to parks and the pet store as often as i can, but i'm not seeing improvement yet. I'm going to keep it up as i know this may take a long time and Olive may always be a bit timid. I think it's her personality. I just don't want her to be as scared as she is. It can't be fun for her.

I can tell that she is curious about other dogs. She wants to sniff them, but she doesn't want them to sniff her or even notice her. As soon as they pay attention to her she runs and will fight if i let it get to that point. I've been doing my best to not put her in situations where she is so scared she has to snap. Yesterday we went to a dog park that had a small dog section. No one was in that section so we went in there and i let her off leash. Olive spent most of the time along the fence where the other dogs were playing. That's why i think she wants to like dogs. She ran as soon as a dog came to the fence. I think a setup like this is good for her though so I'm going to keep going back. The people there said that the small dog section is usually empty as it's so small. So I'll be able to have Olive near dogs, but there will be a fence between them.

We also start puppy classes this week. She is really smart, but when we were there last friday she was too scared to even move! I hope she gets more comfortable in that situation.

My mom has a terrier poodle that is 13 years old. He has zero interest in Olive, but she loves him. They just met 2 weeks ago and i thought for sure she'd freak out, but we went to my mom's house (first time for Olive) and she was perfectly fine with austin. Does anyone know why she'd be ok with this dog but afraid of every other dog she comes in to contact with? My mom's house was new to her so it's not like she was in her comfort zone. I was thinking maybe it's because he is her size and has no interest in her?

Is there anything else i should be doing? I have plans to introduce her to my brother's girlfriend's 4lb yorkie. I will laugh my butt off if Olive is afraid of him!
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she is still really young, and the classes are going to do wonders for her....Lady was scared to death of alot of dogs, when we first got her which was around 12 weeks. Even though she had been best friends with a Jack Russell at the breeders. She got so scared she even clawed up me and peed on me once. make sure when she is around other dogs, that she isn't feeding off any scared feelings from you, you want to be cool, calm and collected all the time. The classes will do wonders!!!
I agree the classes will help loads and she is still very young.

The important thing now is to let her take her time and approach other dogs on her terms rather than trying to force her.
I love the pic of her in your signature btw....so cute! that little face!
I had the same problem with Izzy. I found a local kennels that do day care with an owner who was prepared to spend time slowly introducing Izzy to a variety of different dogs. She went very slowly, building Izzy's confidence and gaining her trust before meeting any dogs, Izzy was there for a few hours once a week. It took a very long time, months, but Izzy grew in confidence and is now much better. She is still terrified of anything much bigger than her, particularly with long hair!
She got so scared she even clawed up me and peed on me once.
My Cockapoo gets so excited when he sees his doggy friends that he wees (pees in Canada or USA)!! Once he was doing the submission lie on back thing and weed up all over his buddy Jack! LOL!
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And why did I say that ... because ... he's also afraid of some dogs (which isn't a bad thing). Its good he's got some good buddies, but also wary of other dogs and also ... YOU want to be your dog's best buddy. Socialising with other dogs is important, but don't make it too big. You want your dog to come to you when he's off-lead ... not run away with another dog for an hour while you scream and yell for him and completely "freak out"!
I think as others have said the training classes will help ,however i do believe she needs to still have contact with other dogs when out and about otherwise as she gets older it will make the problem worse.
If she likes your mums dog can you go walking together? or take your mums dog with you ?
Maybe with a friend she might feel more comfatable and also she may learn how to act towards other dogs from your mums dog.
Also if you have friends with dogs id get them to come over to yours or meet on neutral ground she will only learn how to interact with other dogs and feel comfatable with them if shes having lots of play time with them .
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Vincent was the same - he would want to go say hi to the dog but if the other dog showed interest in him he would run away!
You just have to be patient, keep introducing new sights and sounds and she'll soon be a pro :)
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