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Hi all

Thanks for letting me join.

we seem to be having quite a few problems with our 15 month year old, he is aggressive and quite bitey every now and then. He has gone for me and drew blood a few months ago but more worrying in the last week he has snapped at my youngest (who tried to pat his head while he was in his pen, even tho we have always told them leave him be when he there) and also my niece Xmas day, I had him on the lead she come over to him to stroke him but he lunged and caught her finger ( he did have a kong on the floor). He also snapped at my wife when she was trying to change his collar to his new one, bearing in Mind she had just showered and groomed him for 30 mins with no issues. We have also had some issues when trying attach his lead to his collar so now everyone is very nervous around him. We are also having problems around my boys 9&7 where when they go upstairs he goes mental barking after them running from the hallway to the living room and also when he in his pen and they leave the dining room table he will bark and whine after them. It’s all really stressing us out now and obviously with aggression etc and having young kids around we are really struggling to trust him. He doesn’t growl just lunges . I have had a dog trainer round previously but tbh nothings changed. My wife and I had a heartbreaking conversation yesterday about re homing if things don’t change. Sorry for the long first post

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Not quite sure what you are asking but sounds like he needs a bit more space and understanding at times and is getting stressed by that.

If he was on his lead eating his kong he just wanted leaving alone, similarly in his pen and approached to be stroked may well not have been something he was particularly happy with and I would make sure any youngsters in particular learn that if they want to interact with him they need to call him to them and not invade his space.

He sounds like he does not trust people handling his collar, not unusual and something yo7 can overcome with some practice and treats and teaching him that he will get a treat when you touch his neck, a good reward based trainer can help you with that and also some self control training when your boys are moving around as sounds like he gets quite excited by it all.

He is a similar age to Molly when I first got her as he first owners were struggling to cope with her, all her problems were things we worked on and could overcome but her first owners were not able to devote the time she needed to training and exercise for her.

There is no shame in accepting he may be too much for you as a family right now and if you do decide rehoming is best I would reach out to a rescue to assist as he will then have backup for life and they will also check the new home is going to be suitable.

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We have same issue but ours does not lunge
he has biten us on ocassion and sometimes it starts with growl and then the snapping
he really wants to be in control
i know with him it is food related most times bones and his food in general
he tries to hold out for something better and he lets you know if you put his food down if it is something he does not want he barks growls and carries on
he sometimes will snap if you touch him
he does growl but it can very fast i normally can tell when he is going to do it
he is pretty close to me but i always give him space i do not bother him much
he is not a lovey dovey dog very independent and he likes his space i respect that
he lives with two retried people no kids no other animals
he has drawn blood once with me , my partner about 4 times
My partner not really good a letting the dog have his space he will touch the dog when the dog does not want to be touched etc etc
most times it is food but it can be over nothing
most days he is okay but there are other days that he is not
and it can be very stressful in the house when you have a dog acting out
from what i am reading there are quite a few of us with this breed having the same issue
all i can do is try to figure every thing out to make a little less stressful for us and so he will not be in these moods
but we might just have to take the good days with the bad i do not think there is any easy solution of fix for this breed and some of the issues that come with them
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