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Ooooh looks good! I can't decide whether to bake for Vincent or buy....was it easy to make?
Ruth - it was very easy to make and I sort of muddled two recipies together off the internet - below is approx what I used, Billy seemed to like it!

1 cup of self raising flour
1 egg
couple of spoons of peanut butter
half a banana
spoon of honey
dash oil
dash water

seived the flour then added the other ingredients, mixed to a cake mixture consistency then put in a greased tin on 180 for about 40 mins.

For the frosting I used some low fat cream cheese mixed with a tsp of honey. Mix together then spoon on the top once the cake is cooled. Refrigarate after it is done.

I chopped him a piece up this morning and he loved it. You could also add in a bit of grated carrot or anything else your poo loves.

Give it a go - don't think you can go far wrong.
H x
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