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All the new puppies :-)

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I am struck by just how many of us have, or are just about to collect, new puppies. What an exciting time! I am really looking forward to seeing how they all grow and sharing tips and troubles.

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It's great isn't it - anything that happens at any particular stage there will be someone on here going through the same thing. Will be fab to see all the pics of our puppies growing up!
Helen x
Definitely! Billy looks a cutie, and very similar to Pareto, who has his very own Tuxedo too :)

I will join in the puppy fun when I get my Picnic :) yippppppyyyy
I agree there are a lot of us with/expecting new puppies, hope we can all help each other out:)
I was trying to describe the forum to someone the other day, and how helpful it is.
I told them it was like a post natal group after having kids!!!!
We're all going through the same traumas, worries and fun at the same time so everyone can relate to everyone else's worries or triumphs!

Keep up the good work ILMC !!!

Pip X:)
I agree, can't wait to join the new puppy list in just over a few weeks time! :D
It's exciting that so many people are bringing them home around the same time :)
Puppy Pics

Please can anyone help Milo is 3 weeks old now and have lovely pics but dont know how to put them on for you all to see I have them in Picasa on my computer:confused:that is as far as I have got:eek:
We're loving having our little Pepper but I can't believe how much we had forgotten about having a puppy! I appreciate Ruby soooo much for how she has developed in her 15 months. Pepper is very different to Ruby - on her first day at home she managed to work out how to get up on our decking which is 12" high - 8.5" high at the shoulder! Today is day 3 and she's been climbing the stairs - Ruby showed no interest in the stairs for several months! Pepper is clearly a daredevil - I'm worried what she will do next!
I am so glad there is a big group of us with our pups :D Makes me feel like I'm not alone!! :)

They're all like brothers and sisters :)
This is how it was over the summer with all the JD pups and us excited owners :) Enjoy xx
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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