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Allergies to food

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Need advice as what I should feed Bailey with his food allergies. What do you buy from the butcher and how do you make the food that an allergic cockapoo should eat. Have tried several different brands and the only one that seems to help is Royal Canini Hypoallergenic HP 19 dog food. The main 2 ingredients is Rice and Soy...he tends to get a little constipated from this food so I've been mixing a little metacmucil in "natural apple sauce" - no sugar added...getting this extra fiber helps.

What should I buy and how do I prepare the homemade diet???

any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. Don't want to have to spend over $300 to have him tested.

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You can find lots of information on the internet if you google BARF diet (Bones And Raw Feeding). There are books, articles, forums, etc. The basis is usually either raw chicken wings, carcasses or chicken/turkey necks, with other bones and veg, fruit, eggs etc to add nutrition. You can also give raw or canned oily fish. I don't know what supply is like in the US, but here we can get a lot of the meat frozen in some pet shops, and I have a supplier who makes up the complete balanced diet and supplies it in kilos, delivering it frozen. Maybe there are some companies like that in the US, which makes it much easier. But if not, it's not too hard once you have the basic requirements worked out and it's great fun to see your dog the first time you hand out a chicken carcass for a meal :D . Good luck x
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thanks - I will definitely look into that.
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