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Hi there, I'm new to the forum having found it whilst searching for cockapoo puppies. I am really keen on getting a cockapoo (probably in the spring) but I am concerned I may suffer an allergic reaction as I do suffer a reaction with some other animals.

I understand that I should spend time with any prospective puppy as they can all be different, but was wondering if there is anyone that lives reasonably local to SW Hertfordshire who has a cockapoo and would be prepared to let me spend 20 mins or so with their dog to see how I get on.

If a cockapoo is not for me, then I would rather know now before I fall in love with a particular puppy and have to make a decision then.

Fingers crossed someone can help.
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I live very near St Albans and have a straighter coated cockapoo that maybe more likely to cause a reaction and would be happy for you to meet Lolly and spend time with her to see. My sister in law also has a cockapoo who is curlier - she is allergic to dogs but hasn't had a reaction to her dog or mine. There are loads of us near to St Albans - maybe we could arrange a mini meet up so you can meet lots of poo's!!!
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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