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I'm guessing the opposite happened. He may have been stressed the first few days and now he's comfortable in your house. He's very very young to expect no accidents. Even if he has few days where is good.

I found it most helpful by logging their food, water, pee, poop, play, and sleep schedule. I found that I could predict the poops 100% and pees about 80%. You also have to be vigilant about watching for cues and have a lot of patience with the process.

Make sure you praise his pee and poops with the same words ("good potty" "good poo poo") as eventually these words can be used as cues to go. Be careful what you say. Since I had two at the same time I said "good boy" and "good girl" to distinguish between them and now that is their cue. So I need to be careful inside.

How are you cleaning your floors. Carpets especially are tough because the urine soaks into the pad and sometimes even into the floor board. First I'd limit his access to the room he goes in. Second I'd soak the hell out of your carpet with some type of enzymatic cleaner and then clean the carpet. Think that you need as much cleaner or more to equal the amount of urine that got soaked in. And make sure you let it set for a while.

Mostly, these little buggers are born to stress you like crazy because they are so lovable. It's most helpful if you change from thinking the accidents are about him and reframe it to ask what are doing or not doing that led to the accident. It makes it much easier to adjust and less stressful because you can do something about it. Be assured what you are experiencing is normal. He's still a baby.

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