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Am I rightful to be angry?

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While on a walk tonight with Gizmo, Angel, My brother and his girlfriend, we came upon a very large dog. I don't have the faintest idea what type of dog it is, its just very hairy, white base coat and a kind of brown peppered look. Well, when my brother saw said dog. He picked up Gizmo, fearful that the dog would hurt him. The dog, to be truthful, is a VERY nice dog. Unless there is an aggressive, alpha dog around him. Enter Angel. Angel starts growling and getting puffed up, so I pick her up so she wont try to go after the much larger dog. Angel and Gizmo are roughly the same size, okay? Angel is just a bit bigger. My brother tells me off about picking up Angel, right after he picked up the very friendly puppy. The dog has seen Gizmo before. He has MET Gizmo before. Nothing happened when they met. But Angel is an aggressive 'alpha' dog. I don't want her running up and nipping at the larger dog. He is AT LEAST three feet tall and 100 lbs. Angel is 7 lbs and a little over a foot tall. So my brother, mad at me for picking up Angel, flicks the leash, trying to get it off his wrist. It smacked Angel in the face, making her yelp.

Do I have any right to be angry at my brother for getting all pissy at me trying to protect my dog? He picked up Gizmo, who had no problem with the large dog.

And sorry if you don't agree with me. It just makes me angry that he can pick up his dog but I can't pick up mine when she's the one that would get hurt.
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to be hones neather of you shohld have picked up eather of them. you had them on lead? or a lead with you to put on. picking up a dog can eaither make the on coming dog more interested in your dog, or can make an agresive dogs reaction worse. did he say why he thaught you shouldnt pick her up.
I agree with Kendal, I think that both dogs should have been left on the ground, you could have walked in a different direction, crossed the road to avoid a situation if you thought one would arise, you can feed into dogs issues if you allow them to be affraid.
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I understand the situation totally, as when I first got Oakley I hated big dogs coming towards us, but I always asked the owners "are they ok with other dogs?", if I get a positive response I always let Oakley have a sniff, however if the owners said their dog was aggressive, I would hold Oakley tight and walk on past .... feeling in control, of course.

My one issue which others may relate to, is letting my dogs off in the woods, as quite a few local dog walkers keep their dogs on leads as they are not good with other dogs (which I think is a good idea), however my dogs are bouncy, playful dogs which will just approach these aggressive dogs and I do worry that my dogs may get bitten, which would be fully my fault as my dogs are not on their leads. I tend to only lets them off where I can see all around me, and as soon as another dog approaches I put my dogs back on their leads very quickly, which is hectic with 3 :)
I always picked my cav up when big scary dogs came into my local park. You were protecting your dog. Let's face it brothers can be bossy and often wrong!:p
this is a strange one as you both picked your dogs up so why he told you off seems strange.
But in general terms it is a bad thing to pick a dog up in this situation.
I always way up the situation if the other dog is on a lead I put mine back on the lead, if it's off the lead I try to walk Poppy to heal past it but most of the time the dogs will have a bit of a sniff.
The one that really gets me is the owner with a dog out of control that says "it's a rescue dog".
Alright. The dog was nearly in front of our house and we were just finishing up the walk, my mom had called and said she needed me. The large dog wasn't on a leash, but Angel was. Gizmo wasn't, we don't have a leash or collar for him yet. He said that I shouldn't pick her up because he thought it was stupid, that she didn't need protecting. Angel wasn't afraid. She was growling and ready to attack him. She choked herself trying to go for him. I picked her up to keep her from getting the other dog pissed off.
Yeah, I remember my brother being like that. He still is, and he's 40 next year.

It's like having kids - you can beat yourself up about whether or not you did the right thing, and you can go crazy listening to other people telling you what they think is the right thing. But the main thing is that you're the one that is responsible for Angel, you were the one that was there and you had to make a decision really quickly. And, most importantly, you can't change what's happened! So don't fret about it and if you think you should have acted differently, just learn from it and do it differently next time. And if you think you did exactly the right thing, then just take a deep breath and add it to the big long list of why brothers are intensely annoying to live with x
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Hi Dani

I completly agree with Louise! My brother is 42 next month and hasn't changed since he was a child lol! He thinks he knows best with my pets etc and always tries to boss me around even though he is 7 years younger. He did the same with my lovely 17 year old daughter and though she never normally drinks he "knew best" and got her very drunk at Christmas!!! Needless to say she now says she will never, ever listen to her uncle again :) Do what I do... nod, smile and secretly think "ok idiot I will do this to keep the peace but actually no I wont lol"! Move on and forget it your dog is your dog and you know what is best for her :)
I didn't think of it that way! Thank you both Ali and Weeze. I did do what I honestly thought was right at the time. He does try to tell me how to do things quite often. And indeed, it is a very long list, and I'm ready to add more every day.
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