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Well i did it!!

We went for a walk and i let him off lead (only for a short time) he was amazing he kept looking round for me and wanted to be in front of my daughter and her friend (im asumeing thats to protect them??? i may be wrong) and when i asked him to come back he did straight away.

One close call though as he started to slip down the bank towards the canal yikes!

He meet another dog along the way and had a sniff and rolled over on his back straight away bless him.

Weve had a great weekend weve taken him to see my mother and father-in-law who were camping (in new caravan) close by and she was just amazed how he'd changed ,there was no jumping up he was good as gold ,even to a point of her saying she thinks she'd like one .....yipee result!!!

Anyone reading this looking for a puppy i can only say what a fantastic pup he is and thank you once again to Jukee Doodles im over the moon with Buddy xxxx
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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