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Andrex Puppy Eat Your Heart Out

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Went out of the room for a minute, on my return a whole roll of Kitchen paper was unrolled over the whole lounge.

Of the 2 dogs I think I know the Guilty Suspect !!!!!
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Have had love it!! Betty is tissue obsessed and shreds them at any opportunity!! She's not yet done an andrex puppy though.....

Gisgo has done the full Andrex puppy on us twice. If we forget to shut the cloakroom door he is like greased lightning onto the end of the loo roll and up the hall with it in a flash. Such a laugh!!!
Aaaah this is a very cute photo! Think they must have a thing about tissue as you can see by Beau's photo below when we got her last year :)

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Olive goes nuts with the toilet paper. If she sees it hanging from the roll she makes it her misson to get it and run!

He really is too cute to get angry about the kitchen roll though!
Rufus is exactly the same, goes mad for tissue.

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Biscuit too! Whipped a toilet roll just as we were heading off late on the school run! Too cute to get angry though!
Hubbie left new loo roll on bathroom floor a couple of days ago. Polly thought her luck was in! Shredded much of it all down the stairs and into hallway! Such fun - for her, that is! :)
Archie managed to get hold of an extra large paper towel roll and shredded it to bits and then looked at me as if to say what?
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