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Had to get a new crate for the weekend, we are staying in Scarborough on Saturday night before the flyball competition. Rosie had had a good chew on the zip on our soft crate so the door wont zip shut, a warning to those thinking about getting one don't leave your pup unsupervised with the door hanging loose.
So decided to get another metal crate that will fit in my car, 30"" is the largest that will fit for the hight. So onto the Dogs Health web site sold out, must have been a run on the crates. Onto Ebay found one at Stack m High Ltd £24.89 P&P free that with next day delivery. Came today it's a Ellie-Bo brand crate and very well made.
They have 36" crates for £29.95 P&P free. And they come in silver, gold or black.

30" crate

36" crate
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