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Any help please!

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Hi. Just joined!! We are a family looking to buy a cockapoo puppy. Any advise? I have been looking at Jukee Doodles website and have spoken to Stephen who sounded very nice and helpful. Any help, comments or recommendations please?
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Hi, we got our lovely puppy from sylml and are very happy with her, jukee doodles have stunning pups, what sort of cockapoo are you looking for? american or english? xwelcome:
Do you homework. Check out webs sites, Breeders Online is a good place to look.

Work out what you're looking for in a cockapoo and what you're looking for in a breeder.

There a lot of very happy cockapoo owners who have bought from Jukee Doodles, I would certainly look in their direction if I was wanting a 2nd cockapoo.
Hi and welcome! There are a lot of good threads on here about looking for a breeder, you could try in the puppy section. Reccomendations are always good but will also need to have a think about the type of Cockapoo that you would like as their are different crosses.

English or American Cocker spaniel?
If English then working or Show Cocker Spaniel.

There are a number of health tests that should be considered before producing a litter so for the long term health of your Cockapoo it is important to find a breeder that considers the health and temperament of their dogs. Below is from a puppy buying post;

• Have a look at a wide range of breeders, call them up and ask lots of questions and go and visit where possible.

Questions to ask

• What health tests have their dogs had? Ask to see the certificates.

• If they are KC registered parents ask to see proof.

• How often do they breed their bitches?

• How old were their bitches when they were first bred?


• Make sure you see mum and dad where possible but always ensure you see the mum.

• Puppies should not leave their mum before 8 weeks old.

• What will you get with your puppy? Most breeders offer micro-chipping, food, 1 month insurance, first vaccinations and a blanket or toy smelling of the litter.

• What after care is there? Will they still support you if needed? A good breeder will insist that you return the puppy to them if things don’t work and will probably have a contract.

• What are the temperaments of the parents?

• Are the puppies used to be handled and the normal hustle and bustle of a house?

As a Cockapoo is a cross between two pedigrees I would recommend that you look at the Kennel Club descriptions of each breed and also the Breed Clubs themselves. They are the experts on the individual breeds of dog and give great advice on what to look for. This will help you greatly when looking at the parent dogs.


There are some breeders on here, larger and smaller. It is a personal decision so is worth calling them up and going on lots of visits, that way you will be able to find the right breeder for you! I am sure you will get lots of reccomendations!

JoJo also has a great blog (and I am sure whe will be along later) with lots of advice so it is worth having a look at her website aswell.

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Yes there are loads of JD pups on here.
My Izzie is from Anzil's in Liverpool & we couldn't be any happier with her! She's just amazing (temperment it perfect), so much so that we will be bringing Poppy home in a few weeks time :D So I would highly recommed.
But have a look at a few different breeders & speak to them as well it may help :)
It would also help to know what type of breed you would like, e.g. American/English, show line/working cocker spaniel, miniature/toy poodle etc...
Good luck :D
Thanks for all your replies. I do need to do a bit more homework!! I think we want an english working cocker cross as we are quite out-doorsey!? But I definately want her/him to be quite chilled out when we are at home as we have a busy B&B and would need to get on. Like the idea of a smallish dog so perhaps a cross with a toy poodle. Are they really more needy though. So many things to consider!!
We have two Jukee Doodles Cockapoos. We were so happy with Rufus, our two year old that we went back to JD for another pup this summer. We too are very 'outdoorsy' and in our experience our dogs are exciting and energetic when out on walks but complete couch potatoes when at home!

If you are after a smallish dog then it's important to look at the size of the parents. With Working Cockers there is no breed standard. They come in all shapes, sizes and colours. Go and visit JD if you are able and see their Workers. They have quite a size range and you can see the Cockapoos that they own too to give you an idea of 'finished size'.

When you have visited JD, then try and visit at least another 2 breeders so that you have some comparisons. Obviously health checks are very important as previously mentioned.

Enjoy your search!

Karen x
Thankyou. I think we should pay him a visit as he was so helpful on the phone. Only problem is, he has a massive waiting list and my girls would drive me bananas if we had to wait until next summer!!
Not all the big breeders keep waiting lists, Anzil just take orders as the pups are 3 weeks old, although you say you want working which they don't do. I'm not sure there's much difference energy wise though as my Izzie is very energetic & lively on walks & the beach etc, so i'm not sure if it's true that one is more lively than the other...
I agree with Karen, visit a few breeders for comparisons sake, it's worth waiting for the right puppy :)
I got my Millie from Sylml in Lincolnshire. She comes from a show cocker line. She is very chilled out right from the word go and yet really enjoys her walks.

I work from home as a beauty therapist and have a lot of clients. Millie loves to meet and greet and will then wait patiently outside my room whilst working.

I was fortunate that I made a enquiry on the Thursday and collected her on the Sunday or no wait time really. :D
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