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Any ideas?

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We are feeding Natural Instinct to our new puppy, Woody. He seems to really enjoy it as he wolfs it down in two minutes and I agree with everyone else who says it seems to come out the other end better too!

But we were chatting tonight about the fact its raw meat and wondering if that is a bit dodgy in any way? I know its fine for the dog as they have different digestive systems to ours but my husband pointed out that if Woody is eating raw meat, then chews on the handle of the chest of drawers (as he does!), then licks the children's hands, then bites his toys which we handle etc...its possible traces of what he's eaten are everywhere and the things I remember from food hygiene at school makes me think that's not good!

We are careful when we feed him of course, keeping everything clean as you would when dealing with raw meat in the kitchen but we did wonder about this other side to it. I'm thinking people can't be coming down with salmonella all over the place or it probably would have come up before now.

Be interested to get your take on it though?
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trust me he will pick up far worse things on a walk. fox poo some dogs eat it aswell as role in it.

4 years feeding raw food to my girls with a young chiled in the house who is now 7 soon to be 8 and we have had no isues regarding health as a result of raw feeding. infract our last family tummy upset was well before we got the dogs.
Totally agree with Kendal, if you have a dog you are gonna get far worse from what they pick up etc.
I've also never had any problems from raw feeding. Just impress good hygiene procedures on your kids as you would anyway.
Hi. I can understand your concerns. I have young children and also part time childmind. I always feed Daisy in her crate or outside but I do worry about what she has around her beardy bit afterwards! luckily after sha has eaten she normally goes for a little lie down! I agree with the others, they do eat worse things, Daisy eats the chicken poo at times and what about when they roll in something dodgy and you stroke them! :huh:
I thought the same as you and it did take me along time to switch to NI but as others have said they put everything in their mouths so so long as you make sure kids wash hands after playing with them (which you would do anyway) im sure its fine.
I dont give chicken wings or bones though as dont like the idea of these being dragged around the floor.
I've never had any problems and have 3 kids (youngest aged 5) - in fact research is now finding that children brought up around pets and dogs have more resilient immune systems.

I keep Flo's face fur quite short and clean and wipe round her face with a wet wipe if she has had her face in a chicken carcass.

Remember they also spend a great deal of time licking their private bits then licking hands and chewing toys!
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Yea and Buddy's had half a dead rabbit he found on his walk this morning and a pheasant in his!
Hi l have buddy who is off the same litter,l must say l had mixed feelings about raw meat feeding, but l thought l will give it a go, buddy really loves it its gone straight away not sure if lm giving him enough, l gave him a chicken wing yesterday which really worried me at the time, but after watching him eating it no worries he ate every little bit it took him 45mins, so at the moment we;re sticking with it, the other worry was that someone said are you sure it wont give him worms eating raw meat which again not sure about, he as been really good not crated him, and hes had 4 nights of no crying wakes up about 7.30am
my girls get wormed near enough every month (forgot last month and 2 months before that i forgot) but that was my mums desision when we first got Gypsy before we started raw because we had innes,
Dogs pick up worms from the environment, that have been shed from other dogs, not from eating raw meat. All dogs need a veterinary prescribed worming programme regardless of what food they are eating.
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