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Anyone get their puppy from Jandazz?

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Our Grover is lovely, now 14 months old, just wondering if anyone else out there has a Cockerpoo from Jandazz west Wales. Be nice to see if they are similar? :)
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There is someone in "Introductions" asking if anyone got there dog from Jandaz x
I think with F1b thats fine as long as pups aren't advertised as F1 cockapoos, which I have seen,( and probably would nt have been told its only that I asked) as long as you know what you are getting. If you are looking for a cockapoo then thats what you want, I think some people are just trying to make maximum money knowing they can charge for a cockapoo .
Yeh i agree as far as cockapoo s are concerned aiming for recognition as a breed would be great ... depends who you meet as to whether you describe your dog as a cockapoo or a cross between a cocker and a poodle lol ... you can usually tell !!! But also mixed feelings between keeping cockapoos our secret sshhhh and spreading the word lol x
You usually get a very very positve reaction, which ofcourse you'd expect lol, I think the lady with the pedigree snobbiness was probably jealous x
Is it too far for you to visit Iwantone? so you could check that the pup is for you. Are there no breeders nearer if it s a problem x
Check Marzy s thread about cockapoo s in Devon that maybe some help x
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Ditto, I agree Helen and if my following is post is deemed as being rude then I apologise inadvance but I feel that I have not replied on a couple of occaisions when some posts have comes across as argumentative and aggressive. I feel that Romeo has posted in this vein before and I reaaly dont think there is any need... if my post is removed then I can totally understand as this is not what we want for our site and I hope that it continues to be friendly, informal and helpful x
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