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Archie's 1st day with dog minder

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Just getting last bits together before i drop Archie of with the dog minder. I'm so going to miss him today and it feels like his 1st day of school,how crazy is that?:eek:
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Not crazy at all! I am sure Archie will be a happy lad, hope you don't worry too much!
You are bound to worry. Hope it all goes ok and let us know how he gets on. :) :hug:
Awh it's so sweet. But we do worry, I would be the same.
Bet he'll have a fab day😉

Jeanie 😉
Archie is absolutely exhausted! He has had a wonderful busy day running in mud puddles and having a nice warm bath after. I am so pleased with the lady as she really loves having the dogs. She loves exercising them and Archie is out for the count. He is going again tomorrow whilst i do my dementia course. I am so happy he had fun.
We always joke that it is worse than leaving a small child at play group. On one occasion Izzy ran back to my car and tried to get in under the bonnet. As soon as I leave she is fine playing happily with the other dogs.
I so know how you feel Hattie is off on her hols next week whilst I go to Badminton Horse Trials. This is an anual event for me so has to get used to it I need my retail therapy! She will be away for 7 days but she will grow quite quickley!
I am thinking of having Archie go to the lady twice a week as he reaaly enjoyed it and it has calmed him down alot as the whole day is for him. It will be good for him to see other dogs and people.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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