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Hi there. We are a family of 4 and have just adopted a beautiful 12 week old Cockapoo. We have had him at home for 3 weeks. It is our first dog as a family (we also have two cats). Our puppy was purchased predominantly as a family dog, however, my eldest daughter (14) has wanted a dog since she was very small and therefore the general thinking was that it would really be ‘her’ dog.
Unfortunately our puppy is very attached to me, and only wants to be with me. He whines when I’m not in the room, he doesn’t really want to play with anyone else, and it’s causing huge problems - even my husband is ‘jealous’ of the dogs attachment to me.
I am doing my best and encouraging my daughters to feed him, play with him, train him and give him treats but it’s really not working.
What can I do? And will this pass?
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