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Bailey, aged 6 months

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Hello - I have been meaning to join the forums for a while as I was recommended by Kendal's mum, through whom we got a recommendation for a breeder when we were looking for a cockapoo.
My puppy is six months old and called Bailey, we got him three months ago. He is a lovely little dog, we enjoy having him live with us very much even though he has kind of taken over my life! He's picked up most things quite quickly - still biting a wee bit and digging things up in the garden but excellent at walking on the lead, coming back, toilet training (I think we got off SO easily compared to the nightmares I hear about), etc. He just loves everyone and wants to be friends with every adult, child and dog that he meets. And because he is quite distinctive looking, most of them want to stop and chat to him too.

Here he is playing in the snow today. He absolutely loves it!


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Hi Andrea glad youve joined, Bailey is lovely no wonder everyone stops to talk.. looks to be having fun in the snow x
hi welcome. wgat a cute boy mum has shown me lots of photos of him.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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