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Barf is for us!

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Many thanks to others on my previous posts, after much research I have decided that Natural instinct is what I will feed George. I have emailed breeder to find out what he will be weaned on, has anyone else had a pup from SYLML and can tell me what they were weaned on.
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Oh That is great! let us all know how you get on with it....I am thinking of switching Lady to Canada's version of NI too....we found a local store that caries it.
Good decision, Izzy is really enjoying her NI.
Good for you lucky George ... I feel like the Poppies who have just come from sylml have posted what there puppies ate... it might be in the barf thread not sure x
lol i honestly cant remember, i still have some of it but its in a ped tub but not ped, because we know we were changing Echo and Delta to raw when we got them we never asked. she will give you enought for a week i think Again cant rely remember who long it lasts.
it's royal canin, can't wait to pick him up, going to be a long 7 weeks, still plenty of time to pick up tips on here
Have you looked at The Dog Food Company?? same thing but i think its cheaper
Have you looked at The Dog Food Company?? same thing but i think its cheaper
They're selling the meat and bone element but it is not 'complete' as meat:bone will not be in right ratio and it doesn't have the veg, oil and kelp elements that NI also provides so if going for an option like this you would also have to know a bit more about barf to make sure they had a 'complete' diet (by providing the veggy/eggy 'stew' that JD does. I stick to NI as I don't know enough about barf and I know it is complete and vet approved.
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thanks Mandy that's what I thought
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