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Barking driving me crazy!

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My 8, nealry 9 month old Cockapoo is barking at me and my partner when we walk through the door. She knows it us but carrys on and when we tell her no she growls at us.

Its been happening alot recently and now it can just be us walking down the stairs and she will growl or bark at us.

Any ideas?
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When did she start, did something startle her? Telling dogs no tends to not be very helpful as they generally don’t know what you mean and can then react to the aggression they perceive in you - I find it much more helpful to teach them what I actually want them to do.

How does your dog react if you call her over for a fuss?
She started randomly, im not sure if something startled her. We have tried to teach her to not bark at people etc but she still barks.

She will come for fuss but can still bark
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