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hi im christine im from england i pick up my new puppy next week im both excited and nervous. me and my husband are in our 60s and have just lost our cavalier after 11 yrs. the house is so empty and we miss him so much, my heart ached 4 another dog. please tell me i have done the right thing
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Hey welcome, im sorry for ur loss, i dont think there ever is a rite or weong decision when getting a new pet after another has passed. we were with out a dog for 10 years after our cockers died, and we just didnt have the time for a new dog. but you know yourself when the time is right. just remember you are not and can never replase ur old dog, he will always have a spetial place in your heart. you are just entering a new chapter in your life. just remember your new little guy is going to keep you on your tose.

wish you all the best, and hope we can see photos of him when you get him. what coulor did you go for?
I think it's time if you do! Nothing to help you put aside -but not forget- the loss of your boy, then a new dog to love. It'll teach you to laugh again. I think it would be what the dogs would want after they pass, if only we could ask them.

Welcome. :) Who is your breeder?
Hey Christine! Welcome to the site. :) A cockapoo is a great choice. They're smart, friendly, and love to love people.

my breeder is denys and he comes from prestwich manchester england. he seems to know a lot about dogs as he as been breeding them for 40 yrs
the new and the old

thanks 4 that. i miss my dog so very much, i could tell what he wanted by looking into his eyes. the house seems so very empty without him. im looking forward to the new puppy and if hes anything like his mum he will make a fine dog. just hope i can keep up with him. lol
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