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Benji is coming home...... today!!!

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In just an hour we're leaving to pick up our Benji! This afternoon we were just going for a visit and to get some pics with Benji and his siblings - but the breeder said we could take him home if we wanted to save a trip on Thurs as he's had his first vac this morning so he is ready - :whoo:

The only downside is that I am going out this evening for a few hours - so hubbie gets extra bonding time - but I'll soon make up for that :p

Photos coming soon - probably tomorrow :icon_arrow::eek:

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Yippy .... we will we waiting for an update :)

Enjoy your puppy day Kaz xxx
Ah how exciting! What a great surprise!! Enjoy your evening with baby Benji! Can't wait to see photos x
Kaz, I’m clearly very childish as I’d NEVER allow my boyfriend Marcus extra bonding time with the pup lol!

Can’t wait to see the pics of little Benji!

Turi x
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Ooh how exciting!! I look forward to an update xx
How exciting :D Yayy! Hope you have a great first night :) & can't wait to see pictures :) x
Brilliant. I love the name Benji.:D

I spent the first week cuddling and bonding with Millie, my bestest girl in the world. Have always spent my life surrounded by males of one sort or another :D:D:D
Hey there all
Thank you for your best wishes. Benji's been home for a whole day now and is settling in well I think :p. Apart from last night and me going out, I've spent the whole day with him today and we're enjoying our bonding very much! He's been very good, yesterday afternoon/evening we introduced his crate and he had two long naps in there during the evening. We kept him up late to give him time to get used to us and his surrounding and went to bed at midnight and not a peep from him until 5am, which I thought was pretty good for night one!! :D

He's had a couple of sleeps on my lap today (so sweet), but I have been getting him in his crate too and throwing in small treats and his toys and he doesn't seem to mind if he is tired - fingers crossed this continues!

So I wonder how long tonight?!

Hopefully my pics have uploaded (some must be too big as they are refusing to upload :mad:- as you know it is nearly impossible to get a good shot when they are active, so the best ones are when he's asleep!



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Benji's bed looks comfier than mine! :eek:
He is gorgeous :D Bet you're thrilled to have him home early :)
Glad he has slept nicely in the crate & through the night!
Poppy hates the crate so we've got rid & just leave her bed in the kitchen.
She still cries when she is first put in, but settles after a while, she did cause a few comotions through the night in the first week, so the crate is gone & hopefully she will get better :)
It may be partly to do with her knowing that Izzie is upstairs with us, poor Poppy!
So cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh he's gorgeous, love the photos of him, and the one of the toy (number 4 :D)
Benji is adorable! I agree with Turi though.... theres no way my husband will be getting more puppy bonding time than I will!

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He is totally gorgeous! - like a little teddy bear! I read today that Cockapoos love nothing more than sleeping across a lap!
Aaawwww Benji is gorgeous, happy new puppy :) Can't wait to meet him!

Ahhhhh, welcome Benji. He's so gorgeous! Such a lush coat already. :)

Karen x
I LOVE the one of him on your knee - his nose looks so large and out of proportion to the rest of his face and totally kissable!

How did night two go?

Turi x
Benji is beautiful,he looks so much like my Archie,enjoy your puppy.

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Welcome to Benji ... he looks gorgeous ... love the curly coat. :)
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