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We decided to try something different last night with Bo as she was so unsettled on her first night with us. We left the crate door open (this has fleecy blankets in) and put her teddy in there and her siblings blanket. But she has another bed in the kitchen which she kept getting into yesterday with her toys and snoozing in it so we thought she might be happier being able to go in that. We've got lots of newspapers on the by the back door so we just hoped she would go to the loo on it during the night. We also left her water bowl and her dried food out all night. We left the radio on low and a little lamp on. She cried and barked for about 15 minutes after we left her at 10.45pm but then I didn't hear anything till about 5am when she was barking. She stopped after about 5minutes and it was quiet till nearly 6am so I got up then. She had wet on the paper but nowhere else and both of her beds were dry and intact. We'll see what tonight brings.

Andrea x
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