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Big day tomorrow

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Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Joanne and our family will be bringing home a 9 week old cockapoo tomorrow morning. We spent the entire day getting all set up and doggy proofing our house. Our daughters age 10 and 12 are so excited as this will be our first dog experience. Will keep everyone posted on how it goes. Still have not named her. Hope to do this asap.


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Aww she's lovely! Congrats :)
Ah, good luck with name choosing, it's not easy is it? :)
Hello and welcome! :D Good luck today, hope it all goes well and have lots of fun! :)
Hi Joanne, and welcome to the forum. How exciting for you and your family! You have made a top choice getting a Cockapoo. I have a two year old and am collecting my second on Saturday ......one Cockapoo is never enough lol.

Hope all goes well for you. Do post up all your stories with photos and feel free to ask anything ....however stupid or trivial you may think it is. There are plenty of folk on here with bags of experience.

Enjoy your new pup!

Karen x
Hi Joanne and family

great news you are collecting your cockapoo puppy ... keep us posted and of course lots of pic of this little un-named beauty xxxx
:welcome: Joanne.
Do keep us posted of your lovely new puppy. :D
YAY!!! collecting your new puppy! congratulations...get ready for some so worth it sleepless nights! enjoy her they grow way way to fast!!!
Can't wait to see lots of pics and hear the name you all decide on
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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