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Bit confused help?

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I'm finally picking up Bertie on Saturday and joe the breeder has said wait a week after he has had his 12 week injections to take him on his first walk ( which is understandable)
However can I take him to friends and family's houses before ( none of them have dogs so won't have to worry about that side whether the dogs are up to date on their injections etc)
And I want to get him used to the car ASAP , is there a time limit on when I can take him out to meet friends as I don't want to harm him to any infections etc
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Hi Kerrie - Ann.

Nope absolutely no restrictions on you doing this. The more socialisation in the early days the better! You can even attend puppy parties before the final injection. I did this with my now 10 month old pup Nacho from 9 weeks. It was a great way to get him to meet other puppies and learn the do's and don'ts. I also think he met about 100 people on his first day with me (I carried him around work and everyone couldn't stay away) - The end result is an extremely friendly dog who ADORES people and loves other dogs (except Jack Russells for some reason). :confused:

I bet you can't wait. xxx
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Thanks this has put my mind at ease as I didnt want to take him out if there were any risks he shall be coming everywhere with me now that I no this :)
Glad it's helped. Give 'Turi' a search. She has a fantastic blog about her little girl pup called Saffi. Saffi was going around (in arms) on the tube, around London and on the bus from a very early age. :) xx
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