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Oh my god !!! You could be talking about my dog!!!! We have had him nearly 3 weeks now and hi is 13 weeks old. He behaves in the same way that your puppy does.
We have noticed a huge difference by ignoring him a little bit, letting him come to us more and as soon as he nips he is out of the room for a time out. Let him back in then if he does it again he is out again. They cotton on very quickly. When he comes in and is calm he immediately gets a treat.
When he is getting giddy get the kids to stop playing with him, try and keep it calm. I find he forgets the rules quite quickly when he is giddy.
If it's the nipping you are really concerned with I would put him out of the room as soon as he does it and reward him with treats and praise when he is calm
Hope this helps x
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