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puppsy do tend to see children as litter mate and they play with their mouth.

with Echo i just held her lowar jaw if she put her mouth round my hand but this didnt work with Delta. if your doing the yelp it cant just be a little noice it has to startle the pup, scream if you have to, just make it a lowd noice that will scare her. like with us if you touch something hot and you get burned you are more reluctant to go back, so if you make her biting you unplesent for her then she will be less likely to do it again.
dont feel bad about giving her into trouble like this, if you see dogs together like mum with pups do the think if the pup nips her leg she will just let them, no she will give a lout angry bark and may do a likght snap at the pup, not to hurt it but to let it kow shes not happy.

i would star teaching leave, and teaching the pup they she doesnt get the toy if she jumps up.

another thing you could do if you wanted is put a short light lead on her so if you think she migh jump you can correct her with a tug on the lead. also watch he and the kids, see if you can pin point the thing the kids do that makes her exited or want to jump.

hope some of that helps.
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