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Bonnie has arrived!

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Our adorable new 9 week old puppy Bonnie has arrived, a new sister for Dexter. They have both already formed this wonderful bond together and I am having so much fun with the both of them! Photos will follow but as anyone who knows me will know I am hopeless and dependent on my daughter who is always busy!
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Oh congratulations Tess, how lovely!

Come on Tess's daughter, let's see some pics!!!:D

Sue x
Oooh congratulations.

Tell your daughter to get her thumb out as we want pics! :p
Oh wow, how exciting!! I am looking forward to photos!! What colour is Bonnie? xx
Exciting!!! tell us mmore...and can't wait to see those pics!
How lovely Tess, can't wait to see the photo's. You are so lucky to have number two - I am so jealous:D
How exciting :D & you know I LOVE the name! Can't wait for pictures :) x
Congratulations! How lovely. Our puppy is also going to be called Bonnie! We are collecting her tomorrow. Great name! X
Yay another Bonnie on the way :D Izzie was either an Izzie or Bonnie but obviously in the end it was Izzie, so i'm a big fan :) How exciting for you! Look forward to seeing lots of pictures of them both :) x
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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