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Hi Soo!
He didn't flinch, though was a little shaky but I think that was from the car journey more than the jab!
I was hoping to go walkies in a weeks time but my vet says he has to stay in for 2 more weeks :( was really looking forward to showing him off (& more importantly - wearing him out!!)
Good look for tomorrow x

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some pups don't bother, other cry a bit. Echo was a squealed where as delta didn't even seem to know something happened.

don't worry if he goes quiet later, it can make them a little lethargic, give him 24 House and you will have your normal puppy back. give the back of the neck a rub/massage to help the vacc disperse, this seems to speed up them going back to normal. or that what i found anyway.

Delta was very shivery. and a bit whinie when she got home just wanted to sleep. but they do perk up so don't panic.
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