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So after picking up Boston from Julia & Stephen at the Surrey meet yesterday (it was fab seeing everyone! Wish we could have stayed longer!), we took the little rascal home.

He was very well behaved in the car trip home, sleeping most of the way. We had a couple of accidents inside yesterday afternoon (both our faults - didn't leave him outside long enough after a sleep and missed taking him out after a play session). So the wee tally is 4 outside, 2 inside; poo tally is 1 outside.

He went into his crate last night ok at about 10:30pm. I had to cuddle him to calm him down beforehand, then half asleep he settled quickly. He woke up at 5am, whimpering to go out and did a big wee outside (very good boy!) but he decided that afterwards was now playtime (I don't think so!). I put him back into the crate and he just whimpered and bit the cage and chewed up the newspaper and vet bed and carried on for 20mins. It was so noisy I thought he was hurting himself. As soon as he quietened just slightly I went to him and gave him a little cuddle, put him back in, then he settled after 2mins. Cheeky sod! We got up at 7am and he was sitting quietly waiting, with a clean crate.

I have tried to put him in the crate during the day, but he really kicks up a fuss. I tried treats and the kong inside trick, neither of which worked. Any suggestions? He loves being around us at all times (I seem to have a permanent shadow!) and any sort of separation he gets quite worked up, I think this is going to be our challenge with Boston - getting him used to time alone. I've tried leaving him in his long term confinement area too (the utility room) but resulted in again, a lot of distress. I am thinking maybe a house lead would help so that at least I can control where he is.

Right now, he is asleep on the living room rug in front of me. He loves to sleep completely stretched out - and I mean full body stretched out - it's quite funny to see!! He seems to be a very active dreamer, with legs twitching as he is running and his little whiskers twitching too. I wonder what he is chasing? I've also noticed every time before he goes to sleep he gives a very big sigh. It's so darn cute!

He has successfully nailed sits on slate, wood, outside on grass and cement, so I think he is getting the hang of it after one day. Clever lad! We are going to work on downs next.

The house looks like a bomb has hit it (a Boston bomb!!) but we couldn't care less...we are absolutely smitten with him. It's been a wonderful, amazing, fantastic day. Thank you again to Julia and Stephen - he is absolutely gorgeous!!! :D:D:D

(And yes I know, I promise to add some photos soon!)
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