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Hi we met at jukee doodles l have buddy the gold little boy,hope you enjoyed your hols,l have had a very busy 2wks with buddy he seems to like to be were you are, if lm in the kitchen he as to be near me even though l think hes sleeping he senses that lve moved out the room,l have not crated him,hes been really good not had any crying from it at night or when hes left in the day he goes out most of the time for poos the wees hes getting there,he eats like hes starving just wolfes it down then looks to see if theres seconds on the way really pleased with the natural instincts food not sure about the amount lm giving him but going to get his next vaccine on mon so hopefully the vet will tell me how hes doing he weighs 8lbsnot sure if thats good or not good to see you on here
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