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Boy or Girl???

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I was just wondering what you all think about what *** cockapoo would be best for our family, as we already have a 3 year old boy labrador call Chester. He is very friendly and loves all dog (not all dogs love him lol)

I do like the idea of having a little girl this time but never having a girl dog before, I don't know there goog and bad points (if you see what I mean?)

Many thanks

Janette x
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Hi Janette ... Your lab sounds quite good with other dogs .. so go for what you prefer :)

I have an article on this very topic ... which may help you ...


From my experience .. each dog is different regardless of the breed and *** :) :)
Hi, I wouldn't say temperament wise there are any particular benefits to one or the other ***. I would say though that having a girl may be stressful if your vet won't spay until after the first season. As you will then have the problem of what to do with one of them. Even if your boy lab is already neutered he will still find it very stressful to be around a girl having a season.
So it may be worth finding out your vets opinion to help you choose. If the vet is happy to spay at 6 months with having no season then it won't be a problem for you.
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I was advised to have a girl for my second. I was told mixed sexes meant less jealousy. Mine get on really well. Dexter is sometimes too rough with Bonnie when they play, she does not tolerate rough play and squeaks loudly! When I had two male cats they play -fought the whole time! We had Dexter done before we got her and will get her done before her first season as that what my vet has advised.
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