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Hello we are currently looking for the right breeder to buy our first family puppy from. We are in the Essex area but are happy to travel.

We are looking for a breeder who house rears the pups, we want them used to household noises as i have 2 excitable kids.

We also only want a F1 show cocker spaniel cross and someone with exceptional medical screening and vet checks.

Any recommendations?:)

Ive been doing some research and have found these, i would love to know your experiences of them as well.

  • Woodlands Cockapoos
  • Felindre Cockapoos
  • Bridgeway Cockapoos
  • Anzil Cockerpoos
  • Bontelsie Cocker Spaniels (but they recently branched out to cockapoos)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts