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Buddy and Dudley take an afternoon walk

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Buddy and Dudley (hard to say quickly!!) got together today and we all went for a walk in the September sun,it was really good for Buddy to hang out with an older cockapoo and learn some manners!!

chase chase me!!

come on keep up

Im knackered!!

Time for a rest
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Fab pictures and what beautiful sunflowers :)
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fab pics and what a big boy Buddy is, how much does he weigh now, George was 6.2kg at vets last week
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I know he is,Dudley is over a year old and he was only slightly taller (mind you hes just been clipped really short after getting badly matted).
Im going to get Buddy weighed tomorrow so im not sure what he weighs at the mo ,it must be over 8kg??
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