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BVA testing

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Hi all, i am new to this forum and am not yet a cockapoo owner :( But am hoping to be soon!! I have read endless articles about PRA and BVA testing and am still rather confused. Would BVA test for PRA or does there need to be a DNA test to ensure the puppy is not a carrier?

I don't suppose there is anyone out there to explain this to me in simple terms?!! lol

What tests should be carried out to the parents of the puppy and what tests should be carried on the actual puppy?

Just trying to get an idea of what i should be looking at when researching breeders.

Many thanks

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Thanks Jo Jo, the breeder i have been speaking with said that she has her dogs BVA tested and they are clear, does this mean they would not produce pups who would be affected by PRA or would they still need a DNA test to rule this out completely?
Brilliant many thanks Julia:)
Many thanks Mandy and JoJo, :) I think ive got it!
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