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Thanks everyone i have borrowed a long line from someone and im going to start practicing with a whistle, ive only ever given her puppy treats from a box so im going to see if she goes mad for a bit of cheese then use it as my bribe. Will let you know how I get on !
At puppy training the lady advises against boxed treats instead she says about high value food (think its value) she said liver like on this post too, try a cooked sausage sliced really very thin, only tiny pieces. I cook one cut it into 4 then each 4th in half and freeze it. I take it out one bit at a time and slice it real thin into tiny pieces whilst its frozen as it easier. I tell you Oscar pays more attention to sausage then to the 3 quid odd treats I bought! Today she also said about the whistle and using a whistle to associate a treat or food, so each time they hear a whistle it means treat
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