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My Mam & Dad took me in the car this morning to a place they called Tailwaggers Kennels for a visit. I met a lovely lady called Rachel who cuddled me and a thing called a cat sniffed my nose.

We went outside and there were lots of other dogs in there own little houses, they kept woofing at me and I got scared so Rachel the nice lady took us inside at the back of there houses & I saw all of the doggy bedrooms. It was nice and warm in there and I met a black Labrador a bit like my boyfriend Murphy but not as handsome.

I was a brave girl and Rachel helped me walk past all the doggies back into her office so I could see the cat again.

Mam & Dad say I can go there for a little holiday. Bit scared but I'm a big girl now so need to be brave ..... Just need Rachel to snuggle me in a little I think.

Back home now an had a wander in the garden just as the snow started. Mam' put the lounge fire on & I'm snuggled in on the sofa. Time to say bye bye I need a little poo nap. Got to save my energy for the cockapoo meet tomorrow .... Hope we don't get snowed in!!!!

Cara xxxx
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