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Almost there with the buying of puppy stuff for Mollie .. next thing to look at is something for the car.
What do you use? Would a soft crate or harness be best? Do you put your pup in the boot or keep themin the cabin so they can see you? What size crate did you buy (smallish and then buy the next size up??)
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We have always used a harness but I am thinking that when we go camping they will go in one of their large crates. I have a soft harness from PAH and an Ancol Harness. The PAH one attaches to the seat belt itself and is fine but the Ancol one actually plugs into the seat belt socket and is well padded for better protection.
Jarvis is in the boot with a dog guard. He loves it, he's so nosey and likes to look out...He lies on a bath mat, easy to wash and doubles up as an extra towel... Also carry a towel to dry and to use as a bumper protector as they get in and out (if you decide to use the boot). If he was to go in the main part of the car you can get some great seat belts with a harness. It does worry me when I see dogs jumping around cars or worse still unprotected on the parcel shelves. I have heard so many stories of dogs escaping minor car crashes only to be hit by cars :-(

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Are they OK with a harness as a young puppy - 8 weeks old? Or is a soft crate better. Eventually we would like her to be in the boot )especially when she is very muddy) but think to start with she will be in the cabin with us. Just not sure if to do a soft crate or harness to start with.
Sorry to be a party pooper but I believe a properly secured crate is the best option. Anyone who has seen the velocity of an unsecured object propelled from the back seat through the windscreen in an impact as low as 40mph would never want to repeat the experience! A dog secured in a crate can A )be left for a short time without your car being ripped to shreds. Also if the dog is in a crate he/she is safe and secure so everyone is more relaxed!
Mine have Ancol harnesses too in the backseat of the car. They get very anxious if I put them in a crate in the boot as they like to be close by where they can see me. On the backseat clipped into the safety belt they are relaxed and happy and usually sleep straight away.
Always been a crate for us. Started with a soft crate, but Rosie chewed the zip. Now they are in a large metal crate.
We do a lot of long journeys and I think they are more comfortable in the crate as they can move about more.
Lolly was very nervous at first when in the car so I started with a soft crate that I secured in the front seat using the seat belt through the handle. (She would cry whenever she couldn't see me - even while i was just walking round the car to the drivers side after putting her in!)
Then she progressed to the back seat one day when I had a full car, still in her secured soft crate.
Finally, when I had a really really full car she was put in the boot in her soft crate.

We now have her small metal crate (tightly packed lengthways) in the boot.

We do also have a car harness which we use sometimes (but Lolly isn't one to look out of the window) and tends to lie down on the seat anyway!
We never used the crate due to Daisy's 'crate issues' but I am hoping that having Millie for company might make this a possibility. I agree with Pollypiglet though from a safety perspective the crate is probably the safest option but you have to do what is right for you, with the dog you have and the size car you have! :)
Thanks for the ideas and suggestions - much appreciated. Think we will go for a soft crate to start off with ... could be used in the caravan too I guess.
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