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CCGB Cockapoo Register

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Following approval by the CCGB team we are pleased to let cockapoo owners know that we will be starting a register for all GB cockapoos within the next few weeks.

Before making a start we would like to know what information you would or could submit about your cockapoos. Bear in mind that it could contribute to a good picture of what health testing has been done, whether parents were KC registered, whether dogs have permanent ID, whether people intend to breed, your cockapoos breeder etc etc. This information can all then contribute to the work we are doing with BVA and The Karlton Index among others.

We'd also like to know what you would want from CCGB if you registered your cockapoo.

The CCGB team has remarkable capacity to implement and move forwards so any opinions/ideas/debate about information held etc.. should be concluded by Sunday 13th May.
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For starters I would suggest;

Dogs name - I don't know how you would differentiate between identical names though? A reference number maybe or create KC style names?
All available history including KC names of parents/grandparents.
Health tests and results where applicable
Date of birth of dog
Type of Cockapoo (F1/F2/F1B etc) American/English/Miniature/Toy?

You would also need owner details but these would have to be stored carefully and availability would have to be at the owners discretion. So maybe have something on the form asking what information the owner is happy to have available?

How would the register be used? For example could it help people wanting to breed and check COI?

I am sure I will think of other things aswell but that is it for now. :)
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Yes, I was thinking microchip number but yes KC style names could be fun :)
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I am sure other members may see other benefits but personally I think by being able to collect this amount of data the following things could be seen depending on what information was collected:

  • variety of crosses
  • links to common studs or bitches
  • a view of what health testing is being done (or not done)
  • an average age of cockapoos
  • Patterns of health issues in different crosses (HD, LP or anything we might not be aware of)

It will be very interesting and will prove useful in the future. Although it won't include every single Cockapoo the more owners who add their dog to the database the better. :)
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