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Charlie Dowling says hi.

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Hi all, my name is Charlie I'm a golden Cockapoo 12 weeks old and I live in Halewood, Liverpool. I'm dead excited I'm aloud to meet all my cousins from tomorrow, I've had my second injection ( did'nt like it very much ) I met my older brother last week who lives in Runcorn, would of loved a sniff but dad said I was to young. Anyway Dad says I can come to the next meet in leeds on the 14th Aug, can't wait to meet my new mates.

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hey welcome do you have any photos of charlie. what kind of cockapoo is he/she?
Hi Kenda, Charlie is a golden F1 puppy, we got him from anzilcockapoo, I'm trying to upload a few photo's but there too large, I'm trying to shrink them, not sure how to right now, will try again tomorrow. Love the pics of your dogs.
Hi Kenny .. Woof Woof to Charlie ....

Enjoy the forum.. lots of great advise and lots of fun on here too... We love to share our cockapoo fun with our cockapoo friends, so welcome and join in xxxx

I use photobucket to add pics.. it is quite simple and there is a thread on here from Kendal with step by step instructions... it must be easy to use if I can do it... I am great with dogs just no so good with technology :)
The Northern 'poos will be delighted to meet Charlie. There are quite a few Anzil dogs on here. It's great when you can finally take them out for walks! Look forward to seeing pics.
Welcome Kenny and Charlie! Make yourselves completely at home on here. Looking forward to seeing photos of Charlie and hearing about his antics! :)

Karen and Rufus x
Welcome Charlie and your Dad Kenny!
from Dexter and his Mum Tess.
Hi Kenny - welcome to you and Charlie. Hope you can work out how to upload photos - I had to get my 11 year old to do it for me :D

We have an 11 week old golden cockapoo and live in Chester so not far from you. If we ever meet up it might be a bit confusing though as my son is called Charlie too!

Look forward to hearing how you're getting on. Best wishes, Karen.
Ooooo Charlie so glad that your Daddy is letting you come and play out in Leeds ( and get some Natural Instincts chicken and beef jerky so that my Mummy does nt feel like she has defrauded NI out of it al )
Looking forward to seeing you there Kenny, will need to work out exactly where to meet otherwise we could all be there but not actually see each other x
Hi Kenny and Charlie, welcome to the forum! We got our puppy, Isla from Anzils. She's from Penny and Fudges litter. There are a couple of other people on this forum who picked up their puppies at the same time, so you might find a relation on here:)
Welcome kenny and charlie - from Dexter & jools (anzilarians too)!!!!! ;)
Hi Charlie, and Kenny and family,
So glad you joined . We met in Pets at Home last weekend . ( Lesley and her cockerpoo Dexter, but I was minus Dexter at the time ) . So pleased you can come to the meeting in Leeds. Enjoy Charlie and all his little ways !! Dexter is excited at the thought of meeting up with him too.
Lesley x
Welcome Kenny and Charlie :yo:
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