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Charlie has grown!

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Hi everyone
After a horrible week at work, have been thoroughly cheered up by the latest piccie of Charlie. I can't believe how much bigger and curlier he looks!

Only 25 days left till we bring him home :jumping:

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Sue, have just seen a previous post about collecting Charlie from Janice. Ignore the above.x
:) yes he is one of Janice's but he is american where i think bo is english isnt she? I think theres a load of us over the next few weeks collecting from Wales as I seem to remember that Lucy Locket is Bo's sister?
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Hi Sue
Bo is American too. Yes Lucy is her sister and there are 3 other sisters too. How many brothers and sisters does Charlie have?

Andrea x
Charlie has 2 brothers as i had first pick from the boys, i think there were 2 girls. Bo and Lucy look gorgeous, i wonder if they are all related as they are all red and american? Will have to ask Janice.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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