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Hi All,

We’re looking at getting our first puppy to join our household and have looked at one in Yeo Town Farm, Barnstable, Devon. With a breeder found on pets4homes. Pat Pollington. I’ve also found her as Polycinders.

Various posts about Polycinders around 2012/13 also some more recent post on cockapoo club chat that I can’t read as I’ve not been approved yet.

She is registered at one address in Tiverton but we were given a different address to meet the puppy with litter and mum. That address is registered with a Kirstin Pollington. Also, Pat wasn’t there when we got there it was another girl called Chloe! Of course the puppy’s were lovely and mum looked tired as pups were only 4 weeks.

Can anyone here shed any light on this for me?

Many thanks for your help.

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